2015 GOLDEN MILE FUNDRAISER Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 2 p.m.


Why support the Golden Mile?

You Care About People Whom Others Overlook.                                                                                              You care about our community’s most vulnerable populations—people with disabilities and age-related conditions—and their caregivers. You care about people such as Curtis Allen, who has been attending the center every day for over 27 years, keeping him home with family and a part of our community!

You Want To Change The Way Our Community Provides Long-Term Care.                                              You’ll be supporting a person-centered philosophy of care that emphasizes wellness, preventative healthcare, and prevention of pre-mature placement in a long-term care facility or institution. You’ll be helping families keep their loved ones at home longer, which greatly impacts the lives of our clients, caregivers, their families, and our community.

You Want To Make A Difference That Will Improve Life Today.                                                                    The family member of one client explainsIf I didn’t have the center to depend on I feel certain that I wouldn’t be able to take care of mom for as long as I have.” For this family, the Daily Living Center is a trusted partner that helps make each day the best it can be. A donation to the Golden Mile provides more than a promise for the future. It provides real value in the present!

This year the Golden Mile will be a walk at William Perry Elementary School to support the work of Daily Living Center:

•Providing affordable day time care for adults needing assistance

•Providing respite care for their caregivers

•Providing planned activities to help care for the physical, mental, emotional and social well-being of clients

•Professional staff of nurses and certified nurses’ aids

•Hot lunch and snacks

The format for this year’s Golden Mile will begin at 2 p.m. at the center with registration, turn in funds raised, the actual walk and then back to the center for fellowship, refreshments and the top fund raiser will be awarded a prize. 


Here’s how to help:

•Tell us! Call us, email, or send the bottom of this sheet to the Center with your information.  PLEASE LET DAILY LIVING CENTER KNOW BY APRIL 20, 2015.  We have enclosed a pledge sheet to keep track of your donations.

•Tell everyone you know what you are doing and why, and ask them if they will help you meet your goal which is to raise at least $150. This donation to DLC is tax-deductible and earns you a Golden Mile tee shirt.



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